Domestic abuse resources

Handbooks & Guides

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North Somerset Domestic Abuse Handbook

This booklet is intended to give basic information and an overview of domestic abuse support and services in North Somerset and is aimed at workers. For more information please visit or contact one of the agencies listed directly.

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Domestic Abuse Friends and Family Guide

A guide for anyone who is concerned that they someone they know may be suffering domestic abuse. Includes signs to look for, ideas of what to say and contact numbers for support agencies.

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Talking to Children and Young People about domestic violence and abuse – A guide for parents and carers.

A guide with some tips and advice on how to talk, sensitively and helpfully, to children affected by domestic abuse.

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Safeguarding young people affecting by Domestic Abuse

A guide for anyone working with children who have lived with, or who are affected by, domestic abuse.

Posters and leaflets

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North Somerset Domestic Abuse poster

The North Somerset domestic abuse poster featuring the DAFFS helpline. This poster is available for you to download, print and display.

Reclaim Flyer

Reclaim offer FREE confidential counselling to people living in North Somerset who are 18 years of age and over who are trying to deal with domestic abuse, but are struggling to come to terms with the impact.