Street drinking

Street drinking relates to unlicensed drinking in public spaces. It also covers unplanned and spontaneous parties that encroach on the street.

While drinking in the street is not an offence in North Somerset, it often leads to behaviour where the persons involved are deemed to be anti-social.

What is the impact

Individuals or groups of people drinking alcohol together can sometimes lead to rowdy or disruptive behaviour. This can then escalate into aggressive, violent or lewd behaviour, such as intimidation or verbal abuse of passers-by, fighting or urinating in public, all of which are offences.

It may also encourage underage drinking.

If people are drinking, they may leave litter behind. This can pose a health risk to other members of the public, pets and wildlife.

What we are doing

We have implemented a Public Space Protection Order (PSPO), which enables the police, our Community Response Team and other authorised council officers to require people to stop drinking and/or surrender alcohol in their possession in any public place in North Somerset.

Alongside enforcing the PSPO, our Community Response Team patrols North Somerset, particularly in town centres acting as a point of contact for the public and a visual deterrent.

What you can do

You can help us keep our streets safe by reporting inappropriate behaviours. Please use the following links below to do this.

Rowdy and drunken behaviour

Report to the police using their online report form or call 101.

Street drinking

Report street drinking to our Community Response Team using our online form.