Report anti-social behaviour

If a crime is happening right now or you’re in immediate danger, call 999.

What is anti-social behaviour?

Anti-social behaviour is anything which causes (or is likely to cause) harassment, alarm or distress to one or more people not in the same household.

Isolated incidents may not seem serious, but continued anti-social behaviour can have a devastating impact for people affected by it.

If the behaviour is ongoing, keep a record of the events, including times, dates and how the behaviour is making you feel. This will help us to understand the issues and take action. Remember you can contact us with confidence, in confidence.

Anti-social behaviour that we deal with

We deal with the following anti-social behaviour which affects:

  • the environment
  • the community
  • an individual

How to report anti-social behaviour (ASB)

You can report anti-social behaviour online using our online form or by calling 01934 888 802.

The office is open Monday to Friday (except Bank Holidays).

What information to provide when you contact us

  • what happened
  • where did it happen
  • when did it happen
  • who was involved
  • how did it make you feel

We will normally provide you with an ASB incident diary for you to keep should you continue to experience problems.

We will need consent from you to record your details and share any information that we think is necessary with our partners, in order to help resolve the problem. If you wish to report an incident anonymously then you can do so but we will not be able to update you on your case.

We will normally carry out a risk assessment. This is based on a number of questions that help us understand how the ASB is affecting you, and it will help us to identify what support we might need to offer you.