Commissioned projects in 2021/22:

  • Emotion Coaching Training for professionals working with young people
  • Young People’s Boxing in Clevedon, Thursdays from 6pm at Eisey’s Community Gym, Clevedon
  • Young People’s Boxing in Weston, Mondays and Wednesday evenings (Our Way Our Say)
  • Supporting young people identified through sibling risk work with Play Therapy
  • Co-funding the initial set up of Uphill Juniors Community FC, providing an open access route to grassroots football in Weston’s Southward area
  • Healthy Relationships workshops in schools using arts to help young people understand healthy relationships, delivered by Tender
  • Funding of knife wands in Weston town centre night time economy venues
  • Supporting the provision of MAVIS Bus
  • Providing co-ordination funding for ROC COACH Mentoring in Weston
  • Intensive mentoring with young people involved in county lines; parent/carer awareness sessions & school inputs (knife crime awareness) delivered by St Giles Trust.

Wider VRU projects (non-commissioned work):

  • Reacting to MVP programme in Scotland, North Somerset VRU have developed a new ‘Bullying’ Choices and Consequences course – working with Secondary Inclusion Panel to co-ordinate referrals of those at risk of exclusion through bullying with a view to reducing exclusions and violence, on the basis those who bully others often go on to commit serious offences.
  • Working with Youth Offending Service, Police and other partners, we are developing knife crime awareness workshops to be introduced in North Somerset focusing on the medical implications and risks when a person is injured with a bladed article.
  • Throughout 2021/22, North Somerset VRU will deliver phase 2 of virtual events held in 2020/21, aimed at professionals and/or parent and carers to provide information and awareness regarding violence.
  • Operational days of action across the district in partnership with British Transport Police, North Somerset Council teams, Avon and Somerset police teams and other relevant advice and support agencies, raising awareness, educating communities and utilising proactive policing
  • Building on previous youth engagement around violence, North Somerset VRU is working to engage with young people further to establish their knowledge, understanding and concerns related to violence in North Somerset.

If you are a parent/carer, professional or young person who would like more information on any of our projects, please get in touch.