Traffic Light scheme

Avon and Somerset Constabulary and North Somerset Council have introduced a licensing Traffic Light system applicable to all premises in North Somerset with a premises licence or club premises certificate issued under the provisions of the Licensing Act 2003.

The scheme provides a simple and transparent monitoring tool which brings together data from the Licensing Authority and all Responsible Authorities in a way designed to highlight problematic premises at an early stage.

The data collection takes all four licensing objectives into account and also recognises good practice.

Advice and assistance will be provided to premises where there is a need to improve standards and practices in order to prevent escalation of the problems identified.

The aim is to avoid the need for enforcement action by intervening early, but this will not supersede the requirement for such action where it is necessary for the promotion of the licensing objectives.

The ratings

Green premises

Premises that promote the licensing objectives and operate without incident will remain in the green zone. Premises in the green zone are generally well run and pose no significant risks that will undermine the licensing objectives.

Amber premises

Premises in the amber zone require close monitoring and engagement to prevent an escalation of incidents and will be notified when they move into the amber zone from green.

The licence/certificate holder and/or the designated premises supervisor will be contacted by the Licensing Authority or relevant Responsible Authority.

They will be invited to a formal meeting at which an action plan will be agreed lasting for up to 12 weeks. The aim of the action plan will be to bring the premises back into the green zone by improving standards.

Red premises

When a premises moves from the amber zone to red zone the licence/certificate holder and/or designated premises supervisor will be informed.

Premises in the red zone are undermining the licensing objectives and will require immediate action to be taken by the licence/certificate holder.

All premises in the red zone will be assessed by the appropriate Responsible Authority with a review of the licence being a primary consideration.

The Licensing Authority will meet with the licence/certificate holder with the aim of bringing the premises out of the red zone.

They may decide to revise the action plan agreed at amber stage and set a time limit for the premises to implement remedial action.

If the amber zone action plan has not been implemented or problems persist, the relevant responsible authority will consider whether a review of the premises licence/certificate is appropriate.