North Somerset After Dark


The darkening evenings are bringing fun and festive entertainments to North Somerset this Autumn, in the form of Halloween, Bonfire Night and Christmas!  

Remember our 3P’s cover crime prevention, personal safety and traffic tips to help you stay safe so you can enjoy your #NorthSomersetAfterDark!


  • plan your journey and where you are going to park. Park legally and in well-lit places. View our interactive map to find all of the off-street car parks the council operates in North Somerset
  • at larger events there will be road closures and diversions. Check our interactive Roadworks map to view current and upcoming road closures and diversions 
  • don’t walk home alone, stay with your friends. Arrange a taxi using a licensed reputable company or have a ‘designated driver’
  • firework displays attract lots of people so we suggest that parents agree a plan with their children so they know what to do if they separated.  It may sound silly, but a top tip is to make sure they know your name as there will be lots of “Mummies” and “Daddies” so it helps us narrow it down!
  • if you're out and going to be late, plan how you're going to get home. For example, pre-book a taxi or arrange a lift with a designated driver. Let someone know about your plans - and tell them if they change.


  • don’t let children go Trick or Treating on their own. Make sure an adult accompanies younger children and remind older children never to go into stranger’s homes. Stay on the door step download and print this 'Sorry, not trick or treaters here' poster' from the police to let people know if you would rather they didn’t call
  • COVID hasn’t gone away, so make sure you keep washing your hands with soap and using sanitizer. Try to keep your distance from anyone you don’t live with, especially if you’re calling at houses. Adding a mask to your costume is a good way to cover your face for extra protection. If you have COVID symptoms you must stay home and get a PCR test, and don’t answer the door if anyone calls on you
  • Remember it is illegal for an under-18 to have a firework in a public place (Fireworks Act 2003) and that it is illegal to throw a firework in a public place (Explosives Act 1875)
  • if your going out lower the risk of drink spiking by keeping your drink with you at all times and keeping an eye on friends' drinks, never accepting a drink from someone you don't know and never exchanging or sharing drinks
  • driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs is illegal and can ruin your life and those of others. The only way to be sure you are not over the limit is not to drive at all when drinking or arrange alternative transport
  • steer clear of trouble. If you see any trouble or suspect that it might be about to start, keep clear. The best thing you can do is avoid it and alert the police.


  • if you're going out or coming back from work late, set timers for lights or the radio to give the impression that the house is not empty
  • don’t ever advertise on social media that your house is empty for the evening or for a period of time 
  • when you go out close all curtains and make sure all windows and doors are locked
  • don’t leave valuables on display in your vehicle and make sure it’s locked
  • don’t keep wallets, cash or mobile phones in back pockets. Keep bags zipped up or closed and wear straps across your body. Don’t be flash with the cash or mobile phones
  • we have officers giving out free wrist-bands so just grab one and put your mobile number on it and pop it on your child. It means if they get lost, we can reunite you more quickly
  • make sure all windows and doors are locked when you go out.

For more information: You can follow all of our activities on social media by following #northsomersetafterdark.