How we deal with anti-social behaviour

We are committed to making sure all residents enjoy their right to peace, quiet and security in their neighbourhood.

We recognise that anti-social behaviour can have a severe effect on the well-being of residents and that we want to take action to minimise it.

Where we can demonstrate anti-social behaviour has occurred, we will respond proportionately. This means that we will take action that is balanced and fair in view of the behaviour that has happened.

To demonstrate that anti-social behaviour has happened, we will usually need evidence.

For instance, in most cases it would not be proportionate to pursue legal actions against someone for a one-off incident or low-level noise nuisance. Also, it would normally not be proportionate to issue a verbal warning for incidents of physical violence or hate crime.

The council has a variety of powers and options to tackle anti-social behaviour. These include both preventative measures and legal options.

We will ensure that:

All reports of anti-social behaviour are taken seriously, and all victims and witnesses are treated fairly and with respect.

  • victims of anti-social behaviour who report an incident to the Anti-Social Behaviour team or police will be contacted within 48 hours
  • we will deal promptly and effectively with any problem reported to us or we will pass it to an organisation that we consider may be more effective in resolving the issue
  • you will have a named officer and will be provided with their contact details. The officer will be responsible for the investigation of your complaint
  • you will be kept informed and updated regularly at a timescale agreed with the named officer
  • we will provide support for all victims and witnesses
  • we will share anti-social behaviour information and intelligence with our partners to ensure a positive and robust response to tackling ASB
  • communities will be kept informed where there is significant ASB and it is having an impact on a wider community, where appropriate
  • victims will have the right to apply for a Community Trigger if you feel your case needs to be reviewed