About the Violence Reduction Unit

The North Somerset Violence Reduction Unit is a co-ordinated partnership approach aimed at reducing incidents of serious and violent crime across the Local Authority Area. It does this through early intervention, diversion and organised activity across North Somerset.

It comprises of a VRU Co-ordinator, VRU Project Officer and embedded police officers including a Sergeant and PCSOs, but also requires buy-in from the wider departments and partners to deliver meaningful interventions.

The North Somerset VRU aims to provide additional capability to divert young people on the periphery of violence away from that risk (either as a victim or offender) and to manage risk of serious violence in the community. It does this through four programmes:

  • Risk Programme – identifying those on the periphery of crime and anti-social behaviour to address risk and divert from crime
  • Interventions Programme – specific approaches and interventions to divert people from risk of violence and crime
  • Education Programme – awareness and training to communities, young people and professionals around serious violence
  • Community Programme – approaches to building community capacity and confidence; identifying places causing risk of violence.