Weston After Dark Survey


Residents and visitors to Weston-super-Mare are being asked to take part in a short online survey to give their views on the town centre after dark.

The survey is seeking people’s views on a range of issues including if they go into Weston at night, how they get there, what they like or don’t like about the town’s offer after dark, what they would like to see added to what’s already on offer, how safe they feel while enjoying Weston at night and where else they like to go.

Weston has been awarded the prestigious Purple Flag for the past four years in recognition of its safe and diverse evening and night time economy.

We want to build on the partnership work that has been done over the last four years which has been aimed at ensuring people have a good night out in Weston.

Whether you are a regular night time visitor to the town centre or not, we would like to get your thoughts on Weston’s nightlife. Your responses will help steer us in our joint work with the police and other agencies to make Weston’s evening and night time economy even safer, more attractive and diverse.

Thanks to Cineworld Weston-super-Mare, we are offering you the chance to win two Cineworld Tickets by entering our prize draw. If you wish to enter, we will ask for your name and email address, in order to contact you if you win. You can see a copy of our privacy statement below.

How we will use your data

Before you take part in our survey, please read our WSM Evening Night time Economy Survey Privacy Statement