Community Trigger

If you have reported anti-social behaviour to North Somerset Council, Avon & Somerset Police or a housing association and you feel not enough action has been taken to respond to your report, you can apply for the Community Trigger.

The Community Trigger is a tool under the anti-social behaviour as part of the Anti-Social Behaviour, Crime and Policing Act 2014. It provides victims with an opportunity for you to ask for a review of the actions partner agencies have taken to resolve their concerns.

The review is aimed at finding suitable actions to resolve issues in a multi-agency format such as the local council, police and housing associations.

Any member of the public, business or community group can apply for a Community Trigger if they have been a victim of anti-social behaviour. A representative can also apply on behalf of a victim, for example a family member, friend, carer, councillor etc. Although you must have the victim’s consent before you make the Community Trigger application.

You can start the process when:

  • Three reports about the same issue have been made to one or more agencies in the last six months (by an individual or a community and no action has been taken)
  • There are no ongoing or open cases with any involved agency.

What is not suitable for a Community Trigger?

If you have reported anti-social behaviour and still have an ongoing or open case with any involved agency but the problems are ongoing: 

You cannot activate the Community Trigger.

You will be advised to contact the agency you are working with to tell them what is happening.

Visit our report anti-social behaviour page to find out how to report anti-social behaviour.

If you have reported ASB and received a service but you are unhappy with the service you received or action taken: 

The Community Trigger brings agencies together to take a multi-agency, problem-solving approach towards finding a solution.

It does not replace individual organisations’ own complaints procedures which should be used by the public where there is dissatisfaction. If you are unhappy with the conduct of an individual agency such as the council, police or housing association, you will be advised to submit a complaint under the agency’s complaints procedures.

If you have reported complaints of ASB that are over six months old: 

You cannot activate a community trigger.

Visit our report anti-social behaviour page to find out how to report anti-social behaviour.

Applying for the Community Trigger

If you think you that your issue or concern meets the criteria for the Community Trigger, please complete our quick and simple online referral form.

Alternatively call: 01934 426752 and say you would like to apply for the Community Trigger.

You can email:

Or write to:

Community Safety Team
North Somerset Council
Town Hall
North Somerset
BS23 1UJ

If you have any problems with your application or would like further information on the Community Trigger please contact the Community Safety Team on 01934 426752.

What happens next?

An acknowledgement letter will be sent to you within three working days from our receipt of your application.

We will then write to you again within seven working days to let you know if your community trigger application has been successful.  If your application is successful we will outline details of what will happen next regarding the review of your case.

If your case meets the criteria, a case review will be set up and we will to let you know within a further 28 working days the actions implemented to resolve the problem.