MAVISbus history


MAVISbus wasn’t the first StreetSafe bus operated by North Somerset Council.

The original StreetSafe bus was a double decker bus that operated from 2006-2010. Unfortunately the vehicle was taken out of service in 2010 due to the vehicle’s age and reliability.

The old StreetSafe bus was well loved by partner agencies and the town’s visitors, so reinstating a new StreetSafe bus was a top priority.

Weston-super-Mare was one of 20 Home Office local alcohol action areas of 2014-15. The Community Safety Partnership is working to improve the perception that the town is a less safe place after dark, and encourage more activities in the town after 6pm.

Having a mobile base for who work in the town after dark can also help reduce demand on the hospital’s accident and emergency services, by providing simple first aid for minor injuries.