Ask Community Safety

Ask Community Safety is a new project which aims to bring the traditional Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings to residents’ homes, by allowing them to submit questions and concerns about issues in their community, such as anti-social behaviour, anonymously.

The questions will be collated and answered by a panel made up of representatives from the council’s community safety team, the local police beat sergeant, Councillor Codling and other key stakeholders in a video which will be shared on our social media channels.

The project is currently being trialled in the Winterstoke Ward. If you live in the Winterstoke Ward, you can submit your questions to us until Friday 14th December 2018.

Please do not report crime or individual incidents of anti-social behaviour or neighbour disputes using Ask Community Safety. You can find out how to report crime and anti-social behaviour here:
Ask Community Safety

If you live in the Winterstoke Ward, you can submit questions and raise concerns about safety here: