Tackling anti-social behaviour at Abbots Pool

Tackling anti-social behaviour at Abbots Pool

Community Response tackle anti-social behaviour at local beauty spot in Abbots Leigh.

During the recent spells of hot weather Abbot’s Pool Local Nature Reserve has unfortunately seen an increase in anti-social behaviour.

The stunning beauty spot has attracted a significant increase in the number of visitors to the site and while we encourage people to spend time in our open spaces, at Abbot’s Pool some of the activities have had an impact on the wildlife that the we want to support. ​

These activities include large gatherings, drinking, lighting fires, playing loud music, swimming in the lake and motorcycles being ridden through the reserve. ​

Following reports of anti-social behavioiur, Community Response visited the site and put in place a problem-solving plan where we carried out the following actions:

  • Contacted the local police beat sergeant to discuss the anti-social behaviour issues where it was agreed that the police would increase their patrols.
  • Recommended that the council’s Street & Open Space Team improved signage in the area
  • Encouraged residents to report anti-social behaviour to the policeIncreased high-visibility community response patrols. ​

During patrols Community Response found that, during the day the majority of people using the site were very reasonable and if they were doing something that was not permitted they were very apologetic and did not understand that they were causing any issues. Once the impact of their activity was explained to them, they apologised and stopped. ​

It became apparent that most of the people that were engaged with were unaware of the impact their behaviour was having so a further suggestion was made to improve signage in the area to explain what activities were not permitted and the reasons why.​

Regular patrols will be maintained throughout the remainder of the summer and autumn by Community Response to educate site users and deter anti-social behaviour.

You can report anti-social behaviour to us here: www.saferstrongerns.co.uk/reportasb

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