Community Response help to can street drinking in Weston Town Centre

Community Response help to can street drinking in Weston Town Centre

Community Response help to tackle street drinking in Weston Town Centre.

Following a recent spike in street drinking in Weston Town Centre, a multi-agency problem solving meeting was arranged by the council’s Community Safety Team with Police, Licensing, AddAction, Community Response and Weston BID to devise an action plan on how the issues with street drinking could be resolved.

Several ‘hotspot’ locations were identified in the town centre where groups of street drinking were congregating as well as problematic individuals who were linked to other crimes and anti-social behaviour such as begging and shoplifting which was having a detrimental impact on the community.

Research was carried out by the council’s Community Safety Team by speaking to other local authorities who have similar issues to learn best practise on how to tackle street drinking effectively.

Using best practise from other areas, the Community Safety Team along with the Police devised a clear enforcement process using anti-social behaviour legislation which involves giving problematic individuals several warnings and the opportunity to change by signposting them to support services. If the individuals continues with the anti-social behaviour after these warnings, notices would be issued which could result in a court order.

Community Response have been implementing this new enforcement process by acting as the lead for identifying problematic individuals and serving the initial warnings.

Over the last couple of months, Community Response have been carrying out high-visibility patrols in Weston Town Centre engaging with individuals around street drinking and signposting to alcohol treatment services. Over 10 street drinking warning letters have been issued which has led to a marked decrease in groups of street drinkers gathering in the town centre.

You can report anti-social behaviour including to street drinking to us here:

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