Community Response cut down on motor nuisance

Community Response cut down on motor nuisance

Community Response tackle motor nusiance at Blackdown Playing Field in Portishead.

Community Response, Councillors Nicola Holland and Councillor John Cato received complaints from local residents regarding issues with motorbikes being ridden around Blackdown Playing Field in Portishead, which was causing noise nuisance and potential damage to the playing field.

Following these reports, Community Response Officer Chris Olive carried out enquires with the residents about the issue and advised that the police should be contacted so that a detailed log of the anti-social behaviour could be recorded to help with the investigation.

A problem-solving plan was put into place by Community Response which included liaising with the Councils Streets & Open Spaces team, who manages the site, to request signage was installed to make it clear to the public that motor-vehicles are not permitted on the site. Community Response also stepped up patrols in the area to offer reassurance to the residents.

Following this, another complaint was received by Community Response. After some enquiries with the residents, the illegal motorbike turned out to be a lawn mower which a resident was using to cut the grass in the public area!

CR Officer Chris spoke to the enthusiastic mower who explained to Chris that he was not happy that the council was not cutting the grass frequently enough and the area had become overgrown.

A site meeting was arranged between CR Officer Chris, Councillor Nicola Holland and the council’s Open Spaces Officer to speak with the mowing resident to discuss the issues. It was explained that the council’s contractor had not been able to access the site due to building work that had blocked the route that the grass cutting tractor used.

The Open Spaces Officer confirmed that the work would be completed soon which would allow the tractor to resume its normal regime – cutting the nuisance issues!

You can report anti-social behaviour to our Community Response team here:

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