Pilot scheme launched in Winterstoke ward to help people feel safer

Pilot scheme launched in Winterstoke ward to help people feel safer

A new pilot project called ‘Ask Community Safety’ will be launched in Winterstoke Ward this month which aims to bring the traditional Partners and Communities Together (PACT) meetings to residents’ homes. 

The project which has been set up between North Somerset Council’s Winterstoke Ward Councillor Sarah Codling, Community Safety Officer Harry Mills and Weston Central Police Beat Sergeant Lee Kerslake, will allow residents to submit questions and concerns about issues in their community, such as anti-social behaviour, anonymously.

The questions will be collated and answered by a panel made up of representatives from the council’s community safety team, the local police beat sergeant, Councillor Codling and other key stakeholders in a video. ‘Ask Community Safety’ will also give local agencies the opportunity to provide feedback on what is being done and what has been achieved to improve public confidence that we are dealing with issues that matter locally.

The videos will be shared via the council’s community safety social media accounts Twitter: @SaferStrongerNS and Facebook: Safer Stronger North Somerset.

‘Ask Community Safety’ will be trialled in Winterstoke Ward which covers Haywood Village, Weston Village and part of Locking Castle. ‘Ask Community Safety – Winterstoke’ will launch on Thursday 6 December where residents can submit questions to askcommunitysafety@n-somerset.gov.uk. The first rounds of questions will close for submissions on Friday 14 December.

Winterstoke ward Councillor Sarah Codling said: “We all want to feel safe where we live and know where to go for help when we have concerns. Residents have told me that they are interested in finding out how to protect and improve our community, as well as wanting to know when to call 999, 101 or use other reporting channels. People also tell me that they might find it difficult to attend meetings and that information from a trusted source online is often their preferred way to find out more about an issue.

 “I have worked with police and council colleagues to set up ‘Ask Community Safety – Winterstoke’ as a simple anonymous way for people to share their concerns and get reliable online information and guidance in response. I’d like to encourage Winterstoke ward residents to email us their questions and we will then share some short information films online in reply.

For more information, visit: www.saferstrongerns.co.uk/askcommunitysafety.

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