Domestic abuse is everybody’s business

Domestic abuse is everybody’s business

Many thousands of people across North Somerset live with domestic abuse but most of those affected by it are isolated by their abuser and don’t feel that they can ask for help.

The council and partner agencies in North Somerset want to cut through this isolation to ensure that people affected by domestic abuse know that they are surrounded by sources of support and that they have the right to ask for help:

The workplace may be the only space where someone controlled by their partner has the opportunity to seek support. Many local employers now recognise the key role they can play in supporting someone in this situation. Public Health England has developed a toolkit full of resources and information to support employers who wish to help their staff in this way and the Council is keen to help local employers use this.  Anyone wanting to hear more about this should contact

Abusers often seek to cut their partners off from their support networks. Friends and family may not know about the domestic abuse but may suspect that something is wrong.  The Domestic Abuse Friends and Family Help Guide gives advice for anyone in this situation.

Telling anyone about an experience of domestic abuse can be difficult and so it’s vital that as many agencies as possible know the signs of domestic abuse and, if someone discloses to them, that they know how to support them.  The North Somerset Domestic Abuse Handbook is designed to help professionals and volunteers provide support and signpost them to appropriate agencies

Some people affected by domestic abuse may face particular barriers to seeking support and North Somerset agencies want to break these barriers down.  The Council is working with Proud’s Community Café and the BME Network to develop a powerful message that domestic abuse can affect anyone and that there is support available.  The LGBT drop-in is being held on Wednesday 5 December 2pm at Proud

The key message from all these activities is that Domestic abuse is everyone’s business; it can affect anyone and that there is something we can all do to help. More information and copies of the Friends and Family Guide, the Domestic Abuse Handbook, leaflets and posters about domestic abuse are available from

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