Remembrance Day Sunday 12th November

Remembrance Day Sunday 12th November

All over North Somerset, on Sunday 12th November, Towns and Villages will fall silent to commemorate this year’s Remembrance Day.

It is 99 years since the Armistice Peace Treaty was signed ending the First World War. Since then, both in peacetime and conflict, many lives have been lost all over the World and Service Personnel have been injured both physically and mentally.

We especially take the time to remember those affected by all conflicts. Families of the bereaved and injured, those still suffering, many still carry those injuries and bear those scars, those who are currently serving and those who will serve their Country in the future.

Every single one of us, whatever our background, owes a debt of gratitude to those who have fought for our freedoms .

Remembrance Day Parades and Services are usually organised by the Royal British Legion and the Local Town or Parish Council, check your local town or parish council’s website for details of your nearest Service or go to

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